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Bill Sanders: Sales Representative

Bill owned his own company in the yard maintenance business for 13 years. He’s been working with Pro Image Gutters Ltd. since 2003. This genial golfer has been known to drop by his job sites with refreshments for everyone. Everybody loves Bill, his sunny disposition always cheers us up on those rainy days in the office. He enjoys long walks on the green, and being with his wife, his kids, & his kids’ kids.

Gord Sanders: Sales Representative

He has 15 years of prior sales experience in the manufacturing business, as well as contracting with his own renovation company. Gord’s been with us for 10 years as a savvy, competitive part of our sales department. Also an avid golfer, in his spare time Gord works on home renovation projects, and working on the family travel trailer. He enjoys traveling with his other half to tropical destinations, and camping every spring and summer with his lovely family.

David Toth: Sales Representative

David has worked in the janitorial, teaching, and catering industries and has over 40 years of sales experience. David has been with us since 1998, much to our benefit. This generous people-person is all heart. He’s been known to send a card to an ailing customer. David is a fan of gourmet international coffees, giving his friends Belgian chocolates and getting quality for a bargain. He’s an unofficial photographer and enjoys cooking for his friends.

Massimo Rizzi: Sales Representative

He’s worked at Pro Image since 2003, with 20 years of sales experience and over 24 years working in the construction industry. Overly efficient, a multi-tasker, Massimo has always been very customer service oriented, and attentive to detail. This 14 year member of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association of the Fraser Valley (CHBA FV) is the association’s previous president.

Our Italian mafia member, a.k.a. Massimo “Baby Face” Rizzi, enjoys dining at Marcello’s, and riding his motorbike. In his spare time, Massimo can be found fixing himself a healthy salad (with turnips) after an intense, vigorous aerobic regime! ;)

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